Blue Water Shipping is transporting a crane boom, manufactured by National Oilwell Varco, to Denmark on behalf of Swire Blue Ocean (SBO).

The boom will be fitted on SBO’s wind farm installation vessel Pacific Osprey.

The 2012-built vessel was originally fitted with a 1,200-tonne capacity main crane that can lift wind energy components at a radius of 31 m, with a hook height of 97 m above deck. With the new boom, the crane has the same lifting capacity but will have a hook height of 132 m above deck and a boom length of 115 m. The vessel will be able to lift 700 tonnes at a 50 m radius.

This, according to SBO, will enable Pacific Osprey to handling the next generation of wind turbine generators.

The crane boom is now on its way to Denmark onboard SAL Heavy Lift’s vessel Wiebke. It is expected to arrive in Denmark in March, where installation will take place. Pacific Osprey is expected to be back in service by May 1, 2020.

“This is an important milestone for SBO. The transportation of the crane boom to Denmark rewards months of hard work spent developing a new crane boom design with capacity for future wind turbines,” said Kim Tribler, head of marine Operations at SBO.