Two 50 m-long lattice booms have been salvaged from the harbour basin at the port of Rostock, Germany.

At the end of January, two Liebherr mobile harbour cranes rolled off the deck of a heavy lift vessel into the water at Rostock. As part of the salvage operations, subsea contractor Baltic Taucherei- und Bergungsbetrieb Rostock detached the lattice booms from the cranes and cut them into smaller pieces.

The floating crane Baltic Lift, which has a maximum lifting capacity of 200 tonnes, raised the boom parts out of the water and placed them onto land. The parts were subsequently cleaned and will be stored at Liebherr-MCCtec’s facilities in Rostock.

Further salvage work will see Hebo Maritiemservice’s floating crane Hebo Lift 9 lift the mobile harbour cranes out of the water. The floating crane has a maximum lifting height of 67 m and a maximum capacity of 800 tonnes.