USA-based Stevens Towing and Charleston Heavy Lift have handled press components for a Hyundai EV plant in Georgia.

ZIM press component discharge

Source: Stevens Towing

Charleston Heavy Lift’s floating crane Ocean Ranger, with a lifting capacity of 500 tons (454 tonnes), was hired by ZIM Lines to discharge press components from a container vessel that were too large to be discharged using port container cranes.

The first component weighed 86 tonnes and was loaded onto a Stevens Towing deck barge. A second piece, weighing 41 tonnes, was discharged onto the same barge using the Wando Welch Terminal container crane. Stevens Towing was then responsible for storing the units on behalf of trucking contractor Larkin Express Logistics and reloading them onto trucks for final delivery to the Hyundai EV plant.

A second shipment saw Ocean Ranger discharge a 126-tonne unit from the ZIM vessel onto a Stevens Towing barge. Once again, the Wando Welch Terminal crane was used to discharge the smaller components, weighing 61 tonnes and 55 tonnes.

These pieces are currently in storage and will be delivered to the job site by Larkin Express Logistics.