February 18 - Croatia's Liburnia Maritime successfully loaded seven barges, each weighing 750 tonnes and measuring 60 m x 16 m, in Rijeka on to a Dockwise semi-submersible vessel destined for Cartagena, Colombia.

This is the sixth shipment of this type that Liburnia has executed, explained the company's managing director, Captain Danko Crncevic: "From our perspective there is a huge difference now, compared to when the first lot was loaded 1.5 years ago. Operationally and technically all parties already have the know-how, so it appears that shipment is very smooth to handle, but for the first lot we had to make a huge number of preparations to ensure the project was a success."

Crncevic praised the relationship that Liburnia has fostered with Dockwise: "There are no delays in the schedule, and they handle the cargo with utmost care. Liburnia has chartered Dockwise vessels for all six lots." He added completing shipments of this nature would not be possible without staff possessing wide-ranging technical and operational knowledge.