July 21 - In June, Air Charter Service (ACS) booked over 1,000 charter contracts for the first time in its history, making it the company's best month on record.

"It is a great achievement to have organised 1,056 charters in a month - many of these consisting of more than one sector," said ACS chief operating officer Ruan Courtney. "That is an average of one contract signed every 41 minutes."

Courtney went on: "Despite the deterioration of the Russian market, which has hurt numbers in both our Moscow and St Petersburg offices, all our other European offices were up considerably year-on-year, as well as our North American operations, more than making up for the shortfall.

"Particular highlights include the performance of our cargo departments in the UK and the US - these have fuelled a large part of the growth in terms of numbers. Also our operations in Hong Kong and Beijing which, while less significant in terms of overall numbers, saw a 60 percent increase."

He added that ACS also posted record figures in March and May of this year, with charter numbers for 2015 already up 20 percent compared with 2014.