Sarens enlarges Spierings eLift fleet to 8 units

Sarens continues expanding green fleet

Source: Sarens

Sarens, a global leader in crane rental services, heavy lifting, and engineered transport, is delighted to announce the expansion of our Spierings eLift fleet with the acquisition of two additional battery-powered self-erecting mobile tower cranes. This order, which includes the SK597-AT4 eLift and the SK1265-AT6 eLift, increases our eLift fleet to a total of eight units. This strategic investment aligns with Sarens’ commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and enhancing sustainable operations.

Since our establishment in the 1950s, Sarens has been at the forefront of innovation with a strong focus on sustainability. Jan L. Sarens, Group Equipment Trade Director and Board Member, emphasized our dedication: “For the past 2.5 years, we have successfully utilized Spierings’ battery-powered eLift cranes. The eLift concept has impressed us with its efficiency and environmental benefits. Our eLift cranes operate 63% of the time on electricity and 37% in hybrid mode, achieving a 90% reduction in fuel consumption compared to conventional mobile tower cranes. The demand for these cranes continues to grow, and our clients are increasingly adopting this green technology.”

Jeroen Kerkhoff, Sales Engineer at Spierings, expressed excitement about the ongoing collaboration: “We are honored to supply two more eLift cranes to Sarens. As the only crane supplier offering a fully mobile battery-powered solution, the eLift cranes demonstrate remarkable success and practicality in the field. On average, Spierings eLift cranes operate 40% of the time on electricity. Additionally, the hybrid mode provides up to 70% fuel savings when an electric grid connection is unavailable.”

The eLift system’s innovative design allows the crane to connect to a 16- or 32-Amp mains outlet, with a Lithium-ion battery ‘PowerPack’ that manages energy demand peaks, ensuring efficient operation without performance loss. The system recharges the battery pack during low power demand periods, and a small diesel engine offers backup power when mains outlets are inaccessible.

The SK597-AT4 eLift, the latest addition to Spierings’ tower crane range, features a seven-tonne maximum capacity, a 48-metre jib, and a compact chassis. It provides a maximum lifting height of 58.1 meters with the jib luffed to 45 degrees, or 28 meters with the jib in a horizontal position. This model will be the fifth four-axle Spierings crane in the Sarens fleet.

The SK1265-AT6 eLift boasts a 10-tonne maximum capacity, capable of handling this load at a radius of over 13 meters. Its 60-meter jib offers a 1,700-kilogram jib tip capacity at a 37-meter horizontal jib height, with a maximum lift height of 66 meters when the jib is luffed to 30 degrees.

Sarens is thrilled to lead the industry with our expanded fleet of environmentally friendly and efficient eLift cranes, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability and innovation.