December 27 - Philadelphia-headquartered 5K Logistics has completed a heavy lift project in the Arctic Circle, Baffin Islands for the Iqaluit power station.

5K Logistics took responsibility for the entire project including: shipping two almost 100 tonne engines and accessories from Rauma, Finland to the Iqaluit harbour aboard a Spliethoff vessel; organisation of transport, rigging equipment and manpower in Iqaluit; discharge of the heavy cargo onto a Mammoet barge; unloading the barge and transport of the cargo via a Goldhofer SPMT to the jobsite; and final delivery of the power generating equipment onto power house pads.

The project presented 5K Logistics with various logistical obstacles and Paul McGrath - president of 5K Logistics and project manager for this job - commented that severe weather conditions were difficult to overcome. A rare southern jet stream pushed an ice field from the Frobisher Bay into the Iqaluit harbour - the first time in 50 years that this event has happened so late in the season.

5K Logistics also arranged for a Canadian Coast Guard ice cutter to provide navigational guidance for the Spliethoff vessel, barge and tug to enter the dangerous harbour. Moreover, a large tidal variance needed to be overcome to discharge the oversized cargo in a safe and timely manner.


The project required cooperation from many parties including the shipper, the customer Qulliq Energy Corp, Mammoet Transportation, the Canadian and US Customs service, the Canadian Coast Guard, Spliethoff, Hanson Trucking, Nunavut Power and local Iqaluit police and utilities.