January 24 - Marc Smet, ceo of Gosselin Group and Marc Rombouts, ceo of Heavy Group, have signed an owner buyout contract for Heavy.

Gosselin, which already set up a joint venture with Heavy Group in 2014 - Heavy GCT - now holds 50 percent of the shares in the new holding company, Heavy Project Solutions.

"The owner buyout is a new step in the process of integrating Heavy in Gosselin's activities," said Smet.

Heavy Group boasts consolidated sales of approximately EUR33 million (USD35.4 million) across three companies: Heavy Import Warehousing and Distribution, Heavy Logistics and Heavy Pilots & Permits, which will eventually be incorporated into Gosselin Group. 

According to Gosselin, the Heavy companies will move to the new warehouse and office complex that Gosselin is building at the beginning of the Belcrownlaan, Antwerp. Gosselin is building a 12,000 sq m warehouse at the site, and a new office complex will be built on top of the warehouse. 

A 16 m high canopy of nearly 4,000 sq m in area will connect the existing old crown warehouse to the new structure.

Rombouts, ceo of Heavy, adds: "Thanks to this owner buyout, our organisation now has every opportunity to continue our growth."