October 8 - A2SEA has been contracted to install two offshore wind turbines and their foundations at the Taiwanese Formosa 1 project, on behalf of Swancor/Formosa Wind Power.

The vessel Torben will install the foundations and turbines. A2SEA will manage the vessel and its operation, using its own crew on board.
"We are very proud to be the first European offshore wind contractor to install turbines in Asia. It is a very important step for our company. A great part of the future of offshore wind lies in Asia and therefore, naturally, it is a very important step for the continuous evolvement and growth of our company," said Jens Frederik Hansen, ceo at A2SEA.

These two turbines mark the first phase in the development of the Formosa 1 Offshore Wind Farm. The entire project consists of 32 turbines, with the second phase being constructed in 2018/2019.