February 4 - A2SEA's wind turbine installation vessel Sea Worker has capsized during the night off the coast of Denmark, after the tow line between the vessel and tug boat broke last week and caused it to run aground.

After the tow line snapped, the vessel began to drift towards the coast before running aground offshore Nymindega, south of Hvide Sande. Before the vessel was grounded, all 15 crew members on board Sea Worker were safely evacuated.

Once all personnel had been rescued, a technical team went on board Sea Worker to inspect the barge.

The investigation revealed that the jacking system had been seriously damaged, and it would not be possible to move the vessel from its current position. A2SEA said its main focus was to secure the barge and remove all oil to prevent an oil spill.

Last night, Sea Worker capsized during harsh weather. A2SEA says that no pollution has yet been detected from the vessel, and its focus remains on preventing any oils leaking from the barge. All oils and fuels will be removed from Sea Worker as soon as the weather permits, said A2SEA.

A special operations team and two vessels - Esvagt Connector and Emile Robin - are onsite, with an environmental vessel on call at the Port of Hvide Sande ready to respond if there are any developments.