August 21 - Aaras Shipping Agencies has handled three project cargo vessels carrying almost 17,000 tonnes of cargo, with many being heavy or oversized.

The first shipment, some 1,378 items, arrived at Karachi port on board KSL Chaoyang. The cargo, weighing 7,227 tonnes, included 805 pieces of a complete cement plant with machinery and equipment for Cherat Cement Company Ltd., as well as metal cargoes, such as steel and tinplate coils, being transported for a range of clients.

The second vessel, KSL Fuyang, arrived at Bin Qasim port carrying a 926-tonne load of 27 pieces for an ongoing wind power generation project, one of a series of eight shipments commissioned by Sapphire Wind Power Company Ltd. On arrival, Aaras arranged the inland transportation of the cargo to the job site, a distance of around 120 km.

The third shipment arrived at Karachi port on the Chang Hang Hong Hai holding 1,106 pieces of equipment. The 8,799-tonne cargo included 56 pieces of a coal power plant for an ongoing project with NC Electric Company Ltd., asphalt mixing plant machinery as part of a series for Muhammad Arif Constructions Co Pvt Ltd. and many items of steel cargo.