June 5 - Aaras Projects & Logistics has handled the unloading and onward transport of around 4,100 tonnes of cargo from two vessels at Pakistan's Karachi port.

The first vessel, King Diamond, arrived in Karachi with a cargo consisting of 1,117 packages for various power generation projects ongoing in Pakistan. This included 27 units of machinery, construction equipment and parts for the 1,410 MW Tarbela Dam 4th extension hydropower project in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Other cargo onboard the vessel included a turbine's hydraulic inlet section, a disassembled QUY500 crawler crane, truck crane, and equipment for a 50 MW wind power project. 

Eight oversize pieces of oil well drilling equipment, ten hydraulic rotary drilling rigs, and other oil and gas equipment was also offloaded in Karachi, as well as a number of ceramic tiles and two liquid gas tanks.

In total, 3,547.5 tonnes of cargo was discharged from King Diamond, said Aaras.



The second vessel, Han Zhang, delivered four transformers and associated equipment for use in power generation projects across Pakistan. The total weight of this consignment was 556.89 tonnes, with a total volume of 1,195.6 cu m.



Aaras Project & Logistics is a member of the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) for Pakistan.