June 12 - ABB, the power and automation technology group, has won an order from Germany's Rickmers Group to supply advisory systems for dynamic trim optimisation and fleet management solutions for five multi-purpose ships operated by Group subsidiary, Ric

ABB says that its energy and fleet management systems will improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions for the five Rickmers Linie ships.

It will supply trim optimisation systems, energy management systems and fleet management solutions.

ABB's trim optimisation system dynamically measures the actual trim and advises the crew on optimal floating position of the ship with easy-to-understand and user-friendly displays. All data generated onboard is transferred to a cloud based application for vessel benchmarking. That provides the management onshore with full visibility of the fleet's energy consumption, as all systems are connected together by ABB's solution.

The delivered solutions are part of ABB's newly developed Advisory Suite of software, and will help the vessels save a considerable amount of fuel every year. By reducing fuel consumption, ABB will also help Rickmers reduce the vessels' environmental emissions.

"We trust ABB as a reliable partner for energy efficiency, and chose ABB due to the benefits that the system will bring to our fleet" says Jens Lassen, managing director of Rickmers Ship management and global head of Rickmers' business unit, Maritime Services.

ABB expanded its portfolio of solutions for Vessel Information and Control systems in 2011, and they now consist of a broad range of marine advisory and fleet management solutions, integrated automation, vessel management and control systems, and marine instrumentation and sensors, all of which help to optimise vessel operations and performance, improve energy efficiency, onboard equipment reliability and availability, and operational safety.

"With current fuel prices, the estimated payback of the system is less than a year" says Mikko Lepistö, advisory systems manager for ABB's Marine and Cranes business.

"Through industry experience and tests onboard we are certain that our trim optimisation system can help our customers save up to 5 percent in fuel consumption and consequently reduce emissions significantly."

The installation of the system will be done vessel by vessel and the first system is expected to be commissioned in the third quarter of 2012. The complete system for five vessels is expected to be fully operational by the end of year.