June 24 - Dutch specialised lifting company FG International has completed the installation of a rooftop sign for Dutch financial house ABN Amro.

In contrast with the recent installation by the company of lettering on the side of the Port of Rotterdam building that took around 10 days as the letters were installed individually, the work in fixing the sign on the bank was completed within a day.


Engineers from the Eindhoven-based lifting company utilised the company's FG Lifting Arch Frame that was temporarily installed on the roof. This allowed the sign to be hoisted up in one piece to a height of some 100 m. 

Formed in 1985, FG International specialises in executing industrial projects in difficult to access locations all over the world without the use of cranes or scaffolding. Recent work has included the replacement of flare tips on oil platforms, without the deployment of cranes or helicopters.