December 3 - Heavy equipment manufacturer Nicolas - a part of the TII Group - has delivered a 20 axle-line MHD G2 SPE trailer to Addax Petroleum in Nigeria.

The modular heavy-duty trailer is tailored for day-to-day use in the oil and gas industry, says Nicolas. It has a 46-tonne axle load capability allowing it to handle extremely concentrated loads, and comes complete with an electronic multi-load steering system. Moreover, the bogie of the new Nicolas MHD G2 range has been specially configured to handle highly dense cargoes.

The trailer will also have to operate in tough environmental conditions, which include salty air and a tropical climate averaging 30 degrees centigrade. The MHD G2 SPE is painted with a zinc dust primer as a basis and covered in polyurethane, as well as an environmentally compatible high-solid topcoat that will enable it resist the adverse weather conditions.

For road transportation it can be used as a trailer or a semi-trailer combination, or coupled side-by-side as a three or four-file combination.

Addax Petroleum says it will utilise the new trailer mainly for loading offshore components into floating production storage and offloading units (FPSOs).

Addax Petroleum is part of the Sinopec Group, one of the largest oil refining group of companies in Asia, and operates production facilities in Africa, the Middle East and the North Sea.