February 5 - Aeroscraft Corporation (Aeros) and Houston's Bertling Logistics have signed a memorandum with the view to establish a strategic partnership supporting global project logistics.

The two companies will evaluate the costs, benefits, and structure for various business relationships including a possible joint venture.

and Aeros first discussed the Aeroscraft cargo airship in mid-2013, and have since been addressing the benefits of a potential partnership.

"Bertling specialises in the safe, effective, and timely delivery of specialty cargo to challenging or remote locations, whether across difficult terrains or seas - making them an effective and attractive strategic partner for Aeros," explained Aeros' ceo, Igor Pasternak.

Konstantin Vekshin, vice president of air freight charters at Bertling Logistics, commented on the partnership: "In today's extremely competitive environment, any cutting edge solution means growing and sustainable business, and the Aeroscraft could be a breakthrough approach in addressing some of the most complicated and demanding logistics projects commensurate with the realities of the 21st century."