November 25 - In response to ever-increasing aircraft production, Airbus will upgrade its current fleet of five Beluga transport aircraft with five completely new aeroplanes.

The Belugas are used to transport major subassemblies between Airbus' production sites in Europe.

The original Belugas, some now approaching 20 years of age, were based on A300-600 airframes, but the new models will use the A330 as a basic blueprint.

The first of the new Belugas will begin service in mid-2019 and eventually replace the older models, which will be phased out by 2025.

In addition to serving the internal transportation needs of Airbus, ATI offers Belugas on a charter basis to third parties. ATI ensures a high level of customer satisfaction with loading, unloading, and delivery designed to be fast, safe, flexible, and reliable - as demonstrated by over two decades of successful operations throughout the world.