November 1 - Toronto, Canada headquartered Albacor Shipping has successfully transported two grinding and crushing machines to the Detour Lake Gold Mine, some 190 km northeast of Cochrane, in Ontario, Canada.

The job included the co-ordination, transport and handling of over 30,000 tonnes of freight, consisting of components from Europe, South Africa, Singapore, China, Australia, the USA and Canada itself.

"The planning alone required a full six months, " said Norbert Tiemann, executive vice president of Albacor Shipping Canada, who acted as the project manager visiting the main suppliers in Spain, France, Germany and Switzerland to create a detailed logistics schedule for the job, well in advance of the actual cargo movements.

Two heavy lift vessels were chartered to collected the freight from Vigo and Bilbao in Spain as well as from the Belgian port of Antwerp.The cargo was unloaded in the Canadian port of Valleyfield, Quebec and transported to Cochrane by rail and road, with trucks used to negotiate the final section to the Detour Gold Mine.