April 29 - Albacor Shipping USA has delivered two cranes, each weighing 420 tonnes, from the Port of Vlissingen in the Netherlands to Corpus Christi, Texas. Each crane had dimensions of 34m x 12.5m x 23.5m.

The forwarder booked Jumbo Jubilee, a Dutch ship with 900 tonne lifting capacity from two cranes, for the direct voyage from the Netherlands to the United States. 

Albacor Shipping Inc was originally started in 1998 in Canada by Wolfgang Spillner and Gerald Hess, with Albacor Shipping (USA) Inc opening for business in February 2001 in Mahwah, New Jersey.

In November 2003, Albacor Shipping Inc and Aquarius Shipping Inc merged their operations to create a larger, stronger shipping company with broad project and heavy lift capabilities, working under the Albacor Shipping name.

Albacor Shipping is a member of the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC).