January 19 - Albacor Shipping (USA) Inc, the US member of the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC), through their branch in Banning, USA, has handled the transportation of transformer measuring 42 x 12 x 16 ft from the Port of Newark, USA to Cranberry, USA

It took more than a year investigate the railroad clearance from Newark to the nearest rail siding in Mars, USA and only three weeks prior to the arrival at the port, Albacor was notified that the weight of the transformer was significantly greater than was first indicated.

This required the railcar to be changed from a 12-axle to a 20-axle unit at very short notice.

The transformer has been carried from Korea to Newark on Hanjin Monaco. At the port of arrival the cargo was offloaded by a floating barge crane and transported to a berth and then onto the railcar.

Albacor also had to arrange for insurance of USD3.65 million to cover the rail car and caboose.