March 25 - The heaviest SPMT load-out performed by UK-based heavy lift handler and transporter ALE in Indonesia and the tallest vertical load-out it has handled in South East Asia were two record-breaking achievements the 28-year old company reached in a

ALE successfully undertook the transport and load-out of five modules for the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation's ICP-R Process Platform Project in Jakarta, Indonesia, part of the redevelopment of the Mumbai High South offshore oilfield. The platform consists of a main structural frame, building module, process module, turbo generator and compressor module.

The modules weighed up to 2,850 tonnes with one piece standing 45 m high. The heaviest piece, a 2,850 tonne main structural frame, had to be loaded-out using a skid system. However, after deliberation, ALE was able to provide an engineering solution that would allow the frame to be shifted by SPMTs. This involved specially modified transverse beams to spread the load without overstressing the SPMTs due to the load concentration, leading to the heaviest SPMT load-out performed by ALE in Indonesia.

The project also saw ALE's record for the tallest vertical load-out in South East Asia broken, with the process generator compressor module measuring 45 m high.

A total of 154 axle lines and 18 ballasting pumps were used to complete the project. Many of the modules had to be jacked up by trailers or weighing jacks to provide adequate space to position the trailers underneath the transverse beams. The beams were specially modified by ALE to avoid over stressing the trailers and 12 m spreaders were used to suit the height of the grillage.