July 1 - ALE has conducted the weighing and load-out of four modules, weighing in between 40 and 780 tonnes, at the Port of Tarragona, Spain.

In order to weigh the units, ALE used SPMTs to lift the cargoes and position the load cells, which obtained accurate weights of the individual modules.

This operation was the first of two manoeuvres carried out by ALE for four modules, as part of an LNG project in Australia.

The client requested to know the exact weight and centre of gravity of the units, in order to verify the lashing calculations, as well as plan the transportation and installation at the final destination.

Meanwhile, ALE has also executed the transportation of an 800-tonne ship-to-shore crane within Barcelona's Port Nou.

The crane was transported from its original location to its new location using 40 axle lines of SPMT and two cross beams, and placed onto the rails.

The transport was completed in just one day in order to minimise impact on traffic in the terminal, said ALE.