July 8 - As part of the Australia Pacific LNG project, ALE has completed transportation, load-out, and load-in operations for Bechtel in Indonesia and at the LNG facility on Curtis Island offshore Gladstone, Australia, writes Isabel Freedman.

ALE was contracted by Bechtel in August 2011 to carry out site transportations and load-outs for 69 modules at the SMOE yard in Batam, Indonesia, for final delivery to Curtis Island. ALE shipped the modules, which ranged in weight from 100 tonnes to 3,363 tonnes, in 29 sea voyages.

The project involved 665 moves on site, including the discharge of project components from ships at Indonesia's Kabil Port, as well as the load-out of the modules onto barges. For the load-out of the heaviest module, ALE utilised the maximum configuration of 168 axle lines of self-propelled modular transporters (SPMTs) and six power packs.

Mike Ward, contracts manager for ALE, explained that during the load-out of a 235-tonne module, ALE was faced with significant sea swells at the on-site wharf. Despite the challenging conditions, however, he confirmed that the project was completed successfully, in a timely and safe manner.