April 29 - ALE has delivered the largest items for the Roy Hill iron ore mine construction project in Australia.

ALE mobilised its new fleet of widening trailers to transport three loads, each weighing between 310 tonnes and 320 tonnes, and measuring 15 m wide by 17 m high.

Each item was delivered one at a time to Port Hedland in North Western Australia. ALE used 30 axle-lines with a wheelbase measuring 55.4 m, and the configuration weighed almost 500-tonnes. Three heavy-duty prime movers were used to pull the loads approximately 540 km over the course of three nights, to minimise delays to the public. 

Neil Vaughan, project manager for ALE, said: "We have been using the new widening trailers now for about six months and they are ideal for spreading the axle load required to adhere to the different weight and width restrictions for road transport throughout Australia.

"This is the first time we have configured the trailer in such a way. The specifically designed hydraulic beams, which are fixed to the middle and to each end of the trailer, deliver the width change. By narrowing the trailers for the return journey, we could offer a more time and cost effective solution for the client as permitting issues and escort costs were reduced."

The three modules will be fabricated into a mine reclaimer machine.