May 24 - ALE ECR Heavylift has recently completed a number of projects in Melbourne, Gladstone, Port Kembla and Groote Eylandt in Australia.

The Groote Eylandt project required ALE ECR Heavylift to load-in and transport steel components from a barge to a temporary storage area 4 km away. ALE ECR deployed 14 axles of SMPTs to move the heavy pieces, some of which measured 28 m in length and weighed 79 tonnes.
The steel components will be used to build a new stacker and hopper cars for a local manganese mine. The consignment consisted of 17 large module and number of smaller units. ALE managed to complete the project in eight days.
ALE ECR Heavylift was contracted to move 44 m x 9.5 m roof sections for a LNG plant from Auckland Point Wharf a distance of 1 km. The units were moved using 16 axles of SMPTs and then loaded onto a barge for their final journey to Curtis Island.
The company was also tasked with the transport of a 535 tonne compressor module for an offshore module in Victoria. The module required unexpected repairs and therefore ALE had to respond at extremely short notice. ALE ERC Heavylift mobilised 60 axles of SPMTs within a week in order to move the giant unit.
Down in Port Kemble, ALE ERC Heavylift unloaded and transported seven silos, each one measuring 14 long, 14 m wide and 12 m high. Due to the unusual shape of the silos. ALE deployed 30 axles of SPMTs onto the project.
ALE ECR Heavylift is a joint venture between UK headquartered heavy transport specialist ALE and Australia based ECR. The venture has major offices in Brisbane, Gladstone and Perth, delivering heavy lift solutions to a wide range of industries.