August 31 - ALE has signed an agreement with steel constructor VDS Staalbouw (VDS), which will enable the heavy lifting and specialised transport provider to store equipment at VDS' yard in Flushing, the Netherlands.

The yard facility will be used as a storage site for self-propelled modular transporters (SPMT), steel mats, transport beams and offshore equipment.

"Since the start of this year we have been executing operations within this area, handling a lot of heavy steel structures and cargo, and we wanted to expand our storage resources to better serve our clients," explains Richard Verhoeff, sales manager for ALE.

"This structured partnership shows our expansion and growing commercial offering in the Zeeland region of the Netherlands, whilst further strengthening the relationship and cooperation with VDS."

ALE says the utilisation of the storage facility means the company will be able to provide a quicker mobilisation of equipment.