October 30 - ALE has completed the installation of six heat exchangers, weighing 305 tonnes each, at the 100 MW greenfield Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Kathu Solar Park in the Northern Cape, South Africa.

Three of the heaters were unloaded and lifted 7 m by four lifting units of 200-tonne capacity, which were located at the top of the gantry. The heaters were then skidded to the first installation position using a 440-tonne capacity self-skidding gantry.

The gantry was subsequently skidded to the second installation position and the sequence was repeated for the three remaining heaters.

Meanwhile, ALE has performed the weighing, transportation and load-out of two components belonging to a substation support tower, at the Navacel dock in Bilbao, Spain.
ALE used calibrated load cells to weigh both of the pieces. The J-tube cage (JTC) weighed 225 tonnes and measured 24 m high, and the transition piece (TP) weighed 717 tonnes and measured 30 m high.

To transport the components, ALE utilised 20 axle lines of self-propelled modular transporters (SPMT) for the JTC and 40 axle lines of SPMTs for the TP.

According to ALE, the upright transportation of both pieces was a challenge due to their narrow base and high centres of gravity.

The substation support tower will be located at the Rentel offshore wind farm, Belgium.