July 10 - ALE has delivered and installed the first two transformers for the Nordlink Project in Tonstad, Norway.

The specialist heavy lift and transport engineering company received the transformers at the Port of Kvinesdal, Norway and transported them using the AL100 girder frame and 26 axle lines of conventional trailers, along a 70 km route through the Norwegian mountains.

For the Nordlink project, ALE has been contracted to provide engineering, heavy transportation and installation of 14 transformers, weighing approximately 225 tonnes each. Seven transformers are being delivered to Tonstad, Norway, while the remaining transformers are being delivered to Wilster in Germany.

The Nordlink project, also referred to as the Green Cable project, will develop a 623 km long high voltage direct current (HVDC) connection between Norway and Germany.

According to ALE, it will allow the exchange of renewable energies, especially hydroelectric power and wind power, between both countries.