September 27 - ALE has loaded out the Baronia central processing platform (BNCPP) jacket, weighing 7,096.3 tonnes, in Pasir Gudang, Malaysia.

Before executing the load-out, ALE devised the engineering design and structural calculations, including the design of dead man anchors, strand jack supports, ballasting calculations and procedures.

According to ALE, the load-out had to be completed against a strict schedule due to the changes in tide impacting the stability of the barge.

ALE used four strand jacks for the main pulling operation, each with a pulling capacity of 441.5 tonnes, and two 600-tonne capacity break out jacks, which were used to assist with breaking out the jacket from its initial position.

The ballasting and deballasting operation was performed utilising the internal ballast pumps of the barge.

The jacket, which was fabricated in a yard located in Pasir Gudang, will form part of the Baram Delta Gas Gathering (Bardegg) project in the Baronia Oil Field, located offshore Sarawak, Malaysia.