February 2 - ALE has handled the relocation of container and port cranes at the TCV terminal in Valencia and the Port of Cartagena, Spain.

ALE has completed the relocation of three container cranes, weighing 850 tonnes, 550 tonnes and 1,470 tonnes, inside the TCV terminal.

Two of the container cranes were transported 100 m within the dock using 48 axle lines of self-propelled modular transporters (SPMT), supported by brackets on the transport beams supplied by ALE.

The 1,470-tonne container crane was transported 1 km from its initial location in the assembly area to its final position on the rails using 68 axle lines of SPMTs and transport beams.



Meanwhile in the Port of Cartagena, ALE transported a 106-tonne port crane 500 m to its final position using 20 axle lines of SPMTs. Four brackets and beams were welded to the inside legs, increasing the total weight of the crane to 155 tonnes.

According to ALE, maintaining the stability of the crane during transportation was a challenge because of the long and narrow dimensions of the crane as well as the height of its centre of gravity.