March 28 - ALE Heavylift Iberica has worked on positioning three main transformers at the Koudiet Ed Draouch combined cycle power plant in El Tarf, Algeria. Each transformer arrived at the plant on hydraulic platforms and transport beams and was unloaded

ALE then jacked each transformer down using 150 tonne capacity climbing jacks to place it on four skid shoes of ALE's SS150 skidding system, each of 150 tonne capacity.

Each transformer was then skidded using ALE's SS150 pulling system to place it in a position aligned with its final vertical position. From there, the transformer was jacked down onto its pedestal and fitted in its anchor bolts.

The final adjustment of the transformers and the anchor bolts was carried out by means of four correction pieces and flat jacks that allowed precise horizontal movements required for the final installation.