April 6 - ALE was called upon to repositiion two pieces of refinery equipment inside the hold of BigLift Shipping's Happy Buccaneer heavy lift vessel at the Port of Avilés, Spain to allow other heavy cargoes to be accommodated

ALE completed the stowage of a 709-tonne gasifier, and a 768-tonne reactor, both destined for the Talara refinery expansion project in Peru.

The ship's cranes did not have the capacity to lift the two components onto the grillage supports, said ALE. Therefore, the cargoes were loaded onto 40 lines of self-propelled modular transporters (SPMT) and transported from the ship's centreline to their new positions. The same trailer combination was used to move each piece, so time was not wasted reconfiguring the trailers between manoeuvres.

ALE said that, despite moving the items less than 50 m, the project was made complicated by space constraints within the ship.