November 28 - ALE has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation (SNPTC) subsidiary Shanghai Kangfu Nuclear Energy Machinery (KFNE).

The agreement with the Chinese lifting operator and equipment supplier enables ALE to move into the country's nuclear power market, said the UK headquartered heavy lift and specialised transport provider.

"This mutually beneficial deal is an effective step in progressing our business development in not only the Chinese nuclear power sector but for work in other fields globally. By working together, both parties are better positioned to serve our clients in this industry," commented Yannick Sel, senior sales manager, global projects division at ALE.

KFNE was established by SNPTC, which shares more than a third occupies over a third  of China's nuclear power market share, explained KFNE's deputy general manager Mr Song Jie.

ALE stated that while this cooperation will target the nuclear energy industry and other new markets, it will not conflict with the company's existing operations and other work in China.