January 19 - ALE has worked together with trailer manufacturer Goldhofer to develop a new range of widening trailers that can be mechanically widened from 3 m up to the desired width for a certain project.

With 1.8 m axle spacing, ALE says that these trailers are well suited to the transportation requirements in South Africa, as they offer a reliable transport solution that can travel long distances.

The trailers have a very strong spine beam, explained ALE, so the need for load spreading on the trailer should be minimized. The new trailers have a capacity of up to 45 tonnes per axle line.

ALE adds that the trailers are extremely flexible in their capacity, with different configurations and options of build, including a 3 m wide and 4.3 m wide two-file configuration. The 4.3 m wide setup is technically more stable than the conventional three-file setup, claims ALE.

ALE's sales manager in South Africa, Ferdi Roberts, commented: "These new widening trailers offer a smarter, safer and stronger transport solution for our clients. We will use less axles than our competitors for the same load requirements as well as offer improved stability at the same time."

Roberts added: "With the ability to widen out at different configurations they provide the much sought-after flexibility that is lacking in the industry in South Africa. At 1.8 m, the trailers are better suited to our local requirements, clearing bridges easier than our competitors and ultimately providing a safe and innovative package that puts us at the forefront.

"We now have more than three times the number of axle lines than our competitors and can thus execute larger projects with ease whilst also reducing our clients' risk of paying demurrage to vessels because of limited axle lines having to shuttle cargo."

Ronald Hoefmans, technical director at ALE, continued: "We react to the needs of the market; with the new trailers in South Africa, the trailers provide us with a technical edge and an adaptive solution. These trailers have an unrivalled geometric and hydraulic stability which maximises safety on the tough routes we have to negotiate in many African countries."

ALE ordered 48 axle lines of the latest trailer, which are currently lined up to work on several transportation contracts.

ALE launched widening trailers in Australia in 2014, and the company says that there are plans to expand the fleet into the UK.