October 25 - ALE has completed its scope of work at the Ichthys project's onshore LNG facilities in Darwin, Australia.

Beginning in 2014, ALE was contracted by JKC Australia to load-out 178 pre-fabricated modules - weighing a total of 41,612 tonnes - for the project utilising the Hydro Deck pontoon, which is owned and operated by AG&P ALE Ventures.

The pontoon was used to keep level with the module offloading facility at the site, in order to safely load-out the modules.

The heaviest module weighed in at 1,821 tonnes and was moved using 150 axle lines of self-propelled modular transporters (SPMT); while the longest unit, which measured 73 m, was moved on 92 axles lines of SPMTs.

ALE claims that the Hydro Deck pontoon allowed the company to widen otherwise tide-constrained module delivery windows for the Ichthys project, and provide cost-effective and timely shipments.