July 27 - An effort to equip an African railway with new locomotives from Europe has been helped by ALS (Belgie).

Antwerp-based ALS (Belgie) Bvba's container division arranged the transport of 20' flat racks containing 12 bogies weighing 19 tonnes each from the US to Croatia.

After the bogies were attached in Croatia to six locomotives, the locomotives were transported by road to a Croatian port for export to Mozambique. ALS (Freight Management Nederland) BV's Sea Freight team in Moerdijk arranged the vessel to the final destination in Africa.

Although the final destination of the cargo was along the East African coast, the vessel's route went via the West Africa coast to avoid Suez canal charges and the risk of pirate attacks when going via East Africa.

On arrival in Mozambique, the locomotives will be unloaded directly onto railway lines at the dock as there is no road alternative available. The cargo is expected to arrive in August 2011.