September 18 - Alstom has commenced the transportation of approximately 2,500 units of equipment for the Ituango hydroelectric project in Colombia.

The equipment, which was produced at Alstom's facility in Taubaté, Brazil, comprises components of the project's first four generator units, including draft tubes, concrete elements, spiral cases, generator parts, tools and devices, amongst other accessories.

The transportation will be undertaken overland, using 95 trucks, and by sea, on behalf of Colombian utilities company, Empresas Públicas de Medellín (EPM). The first parts are expected to arrive in Colombia in mid-September.

Brasil Projects has been contracted by Alstom to coordinate the project logistics operations from the factory in Taubaté to the port of Santos. Alstom added that it is necessary for two additional partners - Tranziran and Unimodal - to help with the transport of the Ituango components due to the high volume of production.

Alstom's general director for hydro generation business in Latin America, Januário Dolores, noted that the logistics involved in the Ituango project were complex, due to the combination of land and sea delivery.

In October, Alstom expects to deliver another 244 pieces of equipment to the plant, including spiral case and stator supports, which will be transported using 18 trucks.

Alstom signed a contract in 2012 EPM to supply eight 300 MW Francis turbines and generators for the Ituango hydro plant, which is located in Antioquia, 170 km away from Medellín. The first four generator units are expected to start operating in 2018, and the other ones by 2021.