October 15 - In collaboration with Instar Logistics, Antwerp Metal Logistics (AML) has coordinated the transport of an ammonia converter, two CO2 strippers and a CO2 absorber from Antwerp to Cherepovets, Russia via the Zuidnatie Breakbulk terminal.

The ammonia converter, which weighed 610.8 tonnes and measured 32.45 m x 5.2 m x 5.3 m, was loaded onboard the multipurpose vessel Sandal at the Port of Antwerp using the floating crane Brabo.

Meanwhile, the three remaining out-of-gauge cargoes - two CO2 strippers, weighing 131 tonnes and 307 tonnes respectively, and a 450-tonne absorber - were loaded onto the chartered pontoon 2034 accompanied by tug Litke, for shipment to Russia.

AML explained that the absorber was lifted onto the pontoon using Brabo and a mobile harbour crane in a tandem lift - an operation that it claims was a first in Antwerp. The smaller units were loaded onboard by two 200-tonne capacity mobile harbour cranes in tandem.

As well as the loading operations, AML organised the AutoCAD drawings, surveys, ballasting, weight spreading on the terminal and pontoon, welding stoppers and beams.

The heavy lift shipments were part of a larger contract won by AML for the transport of around 70,000 freight tonnes of cargo for an ammonia plant in Cherepovets.