July 2 - Saudi Arabia's Almajdouie, a member of the WWPC, recently moved heavy reactors and related parts for the Ras Tanura Project.

The project was undertaken with Hyupjin Shipping of Korea and involved the delivery of heavy cargoes with a total volume of over 6,000 tonnes to the Ras Tanura Diesel Hydro Treatment (DHT) Plant, on behalf of Samsung Engineering. 

The two heaviest reactor units for the project, weighing 403 tonnes each and measuring more than 32 metres in length, almost six metres in width and over six metres in height were transported successfully to the job site using conventional trailers with 12 axles. The journey was about 60 km from Jubail to the DHT Plant at Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia. 

Port regulations meant that the units had to moved off-port right away and following customs clearance, the cargo was hauled out from the port and placed in Almajdouie's own holding area. The reactors arrived on the scheduled dates and were offloaded at the site and erected. 

The next heaviest two units of the project were an HP Stripper and an AHP Absorber weighing 176 and 130 tonnes respectively. They were transported from Gulf Heavy Industries (GHI) in Jubail using 18 axle and 12 axle conventional trailers. 

In addition to the port regulations, Almajdouie had to overcome several other challenges on route. Multiple permissions from the authorities were required, including permits to move through the city limits; authority to switch off temporarily an important electricity supply, as well as the temporary removal of street lights, signal lights, barricades, fencing and other street furniture. 

The reactors arrived safely, and Almajdouie is planning the movement of another 11 heavy units from Jubail to Ras Tanura.