February 8 - One of Europe's leading heavy lift and project cargo ports is making it easier for port tenants to set up solar panels.

Managers at the Antwerp Port Authority have eased the permit policy for solar panels in the Antwerp port area to make it more flexible. Concession-holders on the port's right bank will be allowed to set up solar panels with a maximum capacity of 5 MW per installation.

The easing of permit conditions has been made possible by recent amendment to the decree imposing a minimum level of subsidy that the Port Authority is required to grant for solar panels, along with the decision by the Port Authority to give up its electricity distribution activities.

"The Port Authority is pleased that the more flexible conditions will make it possible to meet the wishes of port users. A survey carried out in early 2010 showed that there was considerable interest on the part of concession holders for installing greater solar power capacity," says the port.

The Port Authority itself has used exclusively 'green' electricity frome the start of this year.