December 2 - The Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association (SC&RA) has commended Arkansas transport officials' decision to increase the maximum allowed weight on a permitted tandem-axle group combination in the state from 40,000 lbs (18 tonnes) to 46,000

In addition, drivers will be allowed to carry and display permits electronically on screens with at least seven-inch displays. Both of these changes have been approved by the Arkansas legislature and will become effective on December 17.

"We worked closely with the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department to attain the increase in tandem allowance, which will tremendously benefit our association's members and their customers," said SC&RA Permit Policy Committee chairman and vice president of Keen Transport, Paul Ross.

"This commendable change, in combination with Missouri's recent decision to also increase its tandem allowance to 46,000 lbs (20.8 tonnes), suddenly allows transportation to flow more freely and efficiently along the critical north/south transportation corridor from the Midwest to Gulf State ports."

SC&RA's Permit Policy Committee has identified the need for 46,000 lbs (20.8 tonnes) on tandems as its number one priority for the past several years. After the most recent changes, Oklahoma, Iowa, Nebraska and Tennessee remain the last states with a tandem maximum weight of 40,000 lbs (18 tonnes).