February 9 - Hong Kong-based Asia Energy Logistics (AEL) has made an announcement through the Hong Kong stock market that it will be paying USD103.3 million for a recently launched semi-submersible heavy lift ship.

The ship in question, GPO Grace, is a 65,000-dwt semi-submersible newbuilding, launched in December last year at China Shipbuilding Corp's (CSBC) Kaohsiung shipyard in Taiwan as reported by HLPFI in January

HLPFI understands that Singapore-based GPO Heavy Lift, for which the ship is being bulit will still be responsible for the operation and commercial management of GPO Grace when it enters service later this year, as well as three other sister ships, GPO Amethyst, GPO Sapphire and GPO Emerald, which are also due to be delivered this year.

The full text of the announcement can be seen here.