February 14 - German multipurpose and heavy lift shipping line, BBC Chartering has taken delivery of three newbuildings as part of the extensive fleet renewal and modernisation programme announced previously.

BBC AmethystBBC Belem and BBC Mont Blanc have all now commenced service in the BBC Chartering fleet.

The 14,360 dwt BBC Amethyst is the second delivery of a series of 14 planned newbuildings. Like the previously delivered BBC Amber she offers a combined lifting capacity of 800 tonnes (with two cranes capable of lifting 400 tonnes each). This vessel type is currently at the pinnacle of the company's heavy lift fleet portfolio.

BBC Belem is the third of a series of eight new vessels in the multipurpose segment and is 8,000 dwt and has a lifting capacity of two x 80 tonnes.

Together with BBC EverestBBC Fuji and BBC Kibo, BBC Mont Blanc is the fourth member of a vessel programme that BBC Chartering's managing director, Svend Andersen refers to as 'flexible workhorses'.

The company reported earlier it plans to operate eight vessels of this type with 9,300dwt that offer a combined lifting capacity of 700 tonnes. Being delivered from the shipyard in Xingang (China), BBC Mont Blanc has just commenced her maiden voyage from Ulsan, South Korea to Kakinda, India on a full charter basis.

Andersen adds: "I am pleased to see when our new vessels have a promising start. I am convinced charterers continue to appreciate the flexibility we can offer with these types of vessels and with our unique fleet concept. This enables us to respond to the most challenging maritime logistic requests."

Last year the company also introduced the BBC 'project division'. This service unit offers dedicated tender management and transport engineering capabilities. With that the company supports project cargo shipments in the vessel segment exceeding 500 tonnes lifting capacity and seeks to focus on client's requests in the offshore, oil and gas industry.