December 10 - For the tenth year in a row, Beck & Pollitzer has transported and installed London's legendary Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square.

This year's tree - a 20 m tall Norwegian spruce, affectionately known as 'queen of the forest' - was shipped from Norway to the UK port of Hull, before being transported by Beck & Pollitzer into the heart of London.

On arrival at Trafalgar Square, Beck & Pollitzer's specialist rigging team unloaded the iconic tree, which weighed 4 tonnes, and manoeuvred it into position using the company's cranes and specialist lifting equipment, before securing the tree in place.

Beck & Pollitzer ceo, Andrew Hodgson, was also invited to attend the official Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Trafalgar Square on December 4, which saw the mayors of London and Oslo illuminate the famous conifer.

Since 1947, Oslo has presented the UK with the tree annually, as gratitude for the British support of Norway during the Second World War.

View a timelapse video of the tree's installation below: