February 4 - The Port of Antwerp is launching an interactive visitor centre to reveal to local residents what happens behind the scenes at one of Europe's leading heavy lift ports.

In the Eilandje district near the new Museum aan de Stroom (MAS), the Port Authority is opening its Port Pavilion. Entrance is free.

Attractions include a giant surround screen with film images and sounds creating the impression of actually being in the middle of the port 

"With this Port Pavilion we want to bring Antwerp residents back in touch with their port," says port alderman Marc Van Peel. "The 360° projection screen offers visitors an experience that won't be quickly forgotten."

A 15-minute film shows the port in action, while around the projection screen there are a number of interactive displays on which visitors can obtain more information and explanations about scenes in the film.

Live images of the port are also streamed into the MAS Port Pavilion, enabling visitors to watch, for example, real-time arrivals of container ships. Particular events will be announced on the port's Facebook page and the website.