May 10 - Bengal Electric Ltd (BEL) has completed the handling and maintenance of a heat exchanger for a fertiliser factory in Bangladesh.

BEL dismantled the 16 m long heat exchanger using its 500-tonne capacity Demag crane and its 150-tonne capacity Tadano crane.

After dismantling the pipes, insulation and anchor bolts, the cranes lifted the longest piece from its foundation, turned it horizontally and placed it onto a 250-tonne capacity hydraulic trailer powered by a DAF prime mover, for transportation to the erection site.

Once at the site, the Damag and Tadano cranes were used to turn the heat exchanger upright, before installing it onto the foundations, with a boom configuration of 60 m and a 180-tonne counterweight arrangement.

The old equipment was transported to the storage yard using a hydraulic axle trailer.

According to the Project Cargo Network (PCN), of which BEL is a member for Bangladesh, the project entailed two years of organising method statements, rigging plans, 2D and 3D drawings, as well as transport plans.