April 4 - Bangladesh's Bengal Electric Ltd (BEL) has transported eight heavy modules for a 225 MW combined cycle power plant from the port of Mongla to the plant site in Sirajgani.

BEL transported the eight modules, which weighed over 200 tonnes and were 27 m long, along with other project cargoes from the port to a jetty by the site using its own barges towed by tugboats.

BEL built a temporary jetty 4.5 km away from the jobsite, deployed its own cutter suction dredger to maintain the navigability of the river and gained special permission from the different government departments.

Once the barge had arrived at the jetty, BEL unloaded the modules using its own 600-tonne capacity floating crane and transferred the cargo onto a 16-axle Nicolas modular hydraulic trailer for the 2 km final transport to the site.

Other lighter cargoes were transported by 40 trailers and 35 trucks before being unloaded at the site.

Bengal Electric Ltd is a member of the Project Cargo Network (PCN) representing Bangladesh.