March 23 - Bengal Electric has completed the transportation of heavy, over-dimensional and general cargo for the Sirajganj Unit 2 Power Plant Project, Bangladesh.

In total, Bengal transported a gas turbine generator, weighing 226 tonnes; a gas turbine, weighing 180 tonnes, modules measuring 30 m in length and ranging in weight from 88 tonnes to 220 tonnes; two transformers, weighing 110 tonnes and 159 tonnes; a stator weighing 159 tonnes and general cargo, transported in wooden crates.
As well as the unloading, transportation and Customs clearance, Bengal also had to dredge a river due to low water levels, design and modify a jetty and make modifications to the 3 km stretch of road from the jetty to project site. Its own barges and tugboats were mobilised to receive the heavy cargo from the Port of Mongla, Bangladesh.

Once the cargo had been transported by Bengal's barges to the jetty, Bengal used its 600-tonne capacity floating crane for unloading onto specialised heavy trucks.

Mottakin Salam, director at Bengal, said: "This huge project proved to be a very challenging one for Bengal and our crew as there was a rise in the water level of the Jamuna River due to the opening of a dam in India. As a result, the required jetty became submerged and Bengal had to modify the jetty accordingly.

Salem explained that during the final transportation of the stator, water levels had fallen drastically and Bengal had to mobilise eight dredgers to make the channel workable again so that the barge carrying the stator could reach the jetty.

Bengal Electric is a member of the Project Cargo Network (PCN) in Bangladesh.