August 2 - USA headquartered Berard Transportation has successfully completed the loadout of the first of three modules for Chevron's Big Foot deepwater offshore platform in Texas.

The hull for Big Foot was built by Daewoo in South Korea and arrived in Texas during April 2013. It was delivered to the Gulf Marine Fabrication yard, located in Aransas Pass.
The module weighed 6,700 tonnes and measured 89 m x 24.3 m x 12.2 m.
Berard Transportation used four 660-tonne strand jacks with power packs to safely skid the unit from its fabrication yard to the bulkhead. Berard then moved the giant module from the bulkhead to a waiting deck barge for transport to Gulf Marine's facility. The project was completed over the course of two days.
When completed, Big Foot will be deployed to the Gulf of Mexico, 362 km south of New Orleans where it will float in water depths of approximately 1,585 m. The platform will be commissioned during 2014.