February 18 - Berard Transportation has executed a brace of heavy lift projects in North America.

Berard mobilised 44 axle lines of SPMTs to transport a 590-tonne ship crane in Theodore, Alabama. The crane, which measured 35.6 m x 9.45 m x 17.68 m, was moved through the client's yard to a staging area, where it will be prepared for installation. Two large cable reels were also delivered alongside the ship crane.
In a second project, Berard manoeuvered two drilling derrick sections, weighing 45.3 tonnes and 27.2 tonnes respectively, along a busy stretch of the US 90 highway near Broussard, Los Angeles to the Port of Iberia. Upon arrival, the two structures were loaded onto a deck barge for oncarriage to Houston.
Berard used two Goldhofer six axle stretch trailers to execute the road haul. It also provided a complete route study prior to transit, including using police traffic control to obtain accurate measurement of obstructions. Berard also provided lifting and rigging design, crane services to trans-load onto the barge, and barging to shipside in Houston.